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Pangolins are often called scaly anteaters because they are covered in tough, overlapping scales. They may look like animated pine cones but they are in fact mammals. There are a handful of different species from the giant pangolin in Africa - the size of a low slung labrador, to little tree climbing ones in South East Asia. They all eat ants and termites using an extraordinarily long, sticky tongue to pick the tiny insects up, and are able to roll themselves up into a tight ball, with their scales pointing outwards like armour when threatened. Sadly their scales and rolling up tricks can't protect them from all that humans do to make their lives difficult. Their populations have declined through habitat loss and they are hunted for their meat and scales, which some bright spark in China decided were a cure for all manner of ailments.

We've named our band after these fabulous and bizarre creatures for lots of reasons: the sound of their name is a bit like a musical instrument; they are unusual, surprising and yet somehow charming and delightful - as we hope our audiences find us to be, but also because pangolins need friends and the more people who know about them then the less likely it is that they will be hunted to extinction.

If you'd like to know more about pangolins and how to be their friend click on this link