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pangolin studio

PANGOLIN Studio is our new project to provide us, and in the future others with a comfortable, simple but high quality environment for recording primarily acoustic music and video in a beautiful location.  



A Work in Progress

We've made significant progress in setting up the studio; most of the equipment is in place and we have started to furnish the space not just with great recording tech, but with furnishing and decoration to make it a comfortable and stimulating environment to work, rest and play.  

We'll keep you posted as to new developments and additions.  We think it's going to be great!

 Nice eh! 

Nice eh! 

The location

PANGOLIN Studio is located in the beautiful Welsh countryside near Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.  As you can see the studio is secluded but we are only 10 minutes from Abergavenny town with its pubs, restaurants and other amenities. 

The studio has a comfortable sofa, kitchen area for making tea and toast, heating up last night's curry and keeping the beers cold, a full bathroom and even a double bed for those in need of a serious rest.

 The vocal 'booth'

The vocal 'booth'

The recording tech

We have kept things simple and aimed the tech at the acoustic singer/songwriter/performer or small ensemble (like us).  We've a range of microphones including a SE Electronics R1 ribbon microphone (pictured above), fantastic for vocals and acoustic guitar; a matched pair of Behringer C4 small diaphragm condenser microphones which are specially designed for recording acoustic instruments; a pair of legendary Shure SM58's for those with perhaps a more powerful bluesy or rock vocal and a couple of AKG microphones such as the P3S for varied duties such as backing vocals.  


The recording is controlled through the latest Focusrite Scarlett 2/2 (second gen) Audio Interface into our powerful and highly spec'd Windows 10 PC running Pro Tools First and Ableton Live 9 Lite recording software. Desk monitoring is done through a pair of M-Audio AV42 active monitors. Performance monitoring is done through a great pair of AudioMX HS-5S Studio Monitor Headphones.   

The Toys

PANGOLIN are lucky to own a range of instruments, each of which has its own unique place in the mix.  Some of them are pictured above (left to right).  :-

in addition: